The In-Queue Experience (QX)

Many organizations give their customers a repetitive, frustrating, and monotonous on-hold experience within the call center. While every company is laser-focused on the customer experience, or CX, why then is the in-queue experience, or QX, so often terrible? Enough is enough.

CallQX allows you to easily craft a personalized, brand-consistent experience that keeps callers engaged and makes them feel appreciated.

We recognize that each customer is different and help keep callers happy and engaged by putting them in control of what they hear and delivering an experience they’ve never had before.

Enhancing the Experience

Instead of playing generic, non-professional voice-overs and music/media when customers call, CallQX personalizes the experience by using relevant customer data, personal choice to tailor messaging, and professional voice actors to greet and guide callers.


Unique individuals are often delivered
the same one-size-fits-all caller experience

Personalizing Each Call

CallQX is an opportunity to redefine and enhance what your callers hear.

We put callers in control of their in-queue experience.

No more boring elevator music. We provide callers with fully-licensed, high-quality content curated directly from music industry experts.