Streaming Music

With CallQX's Online Streaming music solution, your contact center can leverage an expansive, fully-licensed music library of exciting artists representing all genres. You even have access to our premium music option, which includes "Top 40"-style songs and artists—today’s hitmakers engaging your callers as they hold for service. While the CallQX caller control functionality is exclusive to the full platform (see our feature comparison), CallQX Online Streaming provides robust back-end features, like the ability to build custom playlists based on genre and upload custom messaging that's inserted into the music stream in real-time.

Control Your Music and Message

  • Feature-rich online music and messaging solution
  • Fully-licensed music library of all music genres
  • "Top 40" premium music option available
  • Choose your genre(s) and create custom playlists from an intuitive online dashboard
  • Order and upload messaging directly in the interface
  • Schedule marketing campaigns with different music and messaging options

Curate music playlists; organize by genre or other categories!


  • Delivered via HTTP, HTTPS, or MultiCast
  • If your contact center of PBX can take an HTTP stream natively, we provide a unique URL with your custom stream
  • If your technology requires a device, you can implement the CallQX device

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