Fully-Licensed Music from Top Artists of All Genres

Say goodbye to the elevator music your callers hate listening to, and say hello to a rich catalogue of fully-licensed rock, pop, country, funk, jazz, meditative, and other music genres, all represented by some of the most unique and passionate artists performing today. CallQX has working agreements with numerous record labels, maintaining thousands of in-queue song selections to keep your callers engaged for the duration of their on-hold experience. We even offer premium, "Top 40" music for or our online solutions!

Configure your genre choices and playlists to best suit the identity of your brand and the preferences of your calling audience. Do you have a specific sound in mind? Work with our experts to make sure you have access to the right music for your callers!

Female Vocalist In Recording Studio

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Curated for Callers

Songs sound different through a phone receiver than they do through a stereo system, so every single track is hand picked and then vetted to "work" in an in-queue experience. We check for peaks and levels, and avoid songs that feature some of the mastering and mixing techniques that don't translate over the phone. 


Give Your Caller's Today's Hits On-Hold


While CallQX's licensed library of music spans hundreds of songs over dozens of popular genres, we also offer a "Top 40," premium music service for contact center brands that need to have the most recognizable hits streaming during their in-queue interactions. These songs are available on our Full Platform, Music Streaming, and PBX services (online version). Talk to a CallQX solutions representative to discuss the best music mix for your company!