Professionally-Recorded Voice Messaging

Upload Timely In-Queue Messaging Updates into Your CallQX Dashboard at Any Time

Too much in-queue messaging sounds robotic or unnatural, or like an aggressive radio salesperson. Callers hate interacting with these types of voices. CallQX brings a friendlier, natural-sounding voice persona to your in-queue experience that resonates with callers and reflects your brand image.

As part of your CallQX solution, you get to leverage our large roster of professional voice actors to record your in-queue messages and promotions. Simply submit your script within the CallQX dashboard – you'll receive ready-to-load voice files just a day or two after your preferred voice actor records.

Sample some of our available voice actors!

Woman singer in a recording studio

Weekly Recording Sessions: Just Pick a Voice and Send a Script

Our voice actors record in pre-scheduled weekly sessions. So, if your favorite voice records on Wednesday, for example, just import your messaging script on Tuesday, and you'll receive to ready-to-load voice files on Thursday!

Weekly-Recording-Sessions-CallQX (002)

Uploading Voice Messages is Fast and Easy

  • Order custom voice prompts and in-queue messaging directly within the CallQX interface
  • Upload your script
  • Voice files are typically delivered one business day after the recording session in the required formatting of your IVR or PBX
  • Upload your new recordings directly in to CallQX
  • Go "live" with your updated messages in real time
  • Repeat any time you need new messages! (Promotions, information, emergency, holiday, closings, etc.)

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