About CallQX

Recently acquired by Aizan Technologies Inc, CallQX is the result of the recent joint venture of Holdyr, tech startup innovators of a groundbreaking in-queue telecom software solution, by GM Voices, a voice-over production company and telecom and technology industry leader for more than 33 years. Combining both companies' executive leadership and development resources, music licensing model, voice recording infrastructure, and customer service organization, the new CallQX combines best-of-both-worlds knowledge and staff to service and partner with a who's-who list of customer-focused brands and major platform integrators to elevate the in-queue experience to levels of quality, control, and personalization never seen before.

Our Company


CallQX is a telecommunications software company that has set out to redefine the customer (CX) and in-queue experiences (QX).

Our Goal


We aim to bring an entirely new level of personalization and control to the millions of minutes that callers spend on-hold each year.

Our Motivation


We weren't satisfied with the robotic voices, generic ads and boring music that is/was industry standard so we set out to create a solution.

Our Work


We've created industry-advancing improvements in CX and have helped companies create more personalized interactions.