The CallQX Music and Messaging Platform

The CallQX platform is our most feature-rich, customizable, and interactive in-queue solution, integrating with your contact center technology to give callers full control over their on-hold music selection, allowing contact centers to program dynamic messaging into the experience, and introducing powerful functionality to your in-queue interactions, like SMS, CRM data dipping, and comprehensive reporting.

Callers Control the Music, You Control the Message

CallQX is an innovative, cloud-based IVR solution that creates customized, best-in-class customer experiences for callers placed in queue.

How It Works

Connects to Your IVR

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CallQX seamlessly integrates with your contact center technology to offer personalized music with no hassle or major changes.

Dynamic Content

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CallQX ensures your callers have the best listening experience possible, referencing back-end data for unique messaging and insights.

The Caller Takes Control


Listen, skip, or get more info. Enhanced controls mean happier customers, better retention, and increased loyalty.


For SMBs


The CallQX Cloud platform is certified to work on numerous contact center technologies.

For the Enterprise


The CallQX platform is integrated within your infrastructure on virtual machines.


Customer-Driven Experiences

CallQX appeals to a broad customer base with music people  love. Using content from today’s top genres and artists, we provide your callers with a quality experience they will actually enjoy.


Content Curated for Your Company

Not only do we create an experience that reflects your focus on the importance of customer service, but we can also create curated selections of music that fit and reflect your unique brand image.

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