For Marketers

Your on-hold experience is bigger than IT and your contact center operation. With every phone call, your brand is on the line. CallQX includes robust campaign-building functionality, giving control to the people who should be driving music and messaging – your marketing team.

Campaign-Building Features

  • Choose your music and curate your playlist
  • Control volume and see/swap audio in real time
  • Upload, change and schedule marketing messages
    (including custom/intelligent messaging)
  • Review data and metrics

Messaging Speed to Market


The marketing team has a Web-based interface to implement on-hold messaging directly into the hold experience. Order professionally recorded audio files from GM Voices directly from the interface, schedule your marketing campaigns, and remove IT from the workflow of getting marketing delivered to your customers.

Campaign Flexibility


Upload new messages at any time: limited-time promotions, institutional branding, holiday- or event-based content, and much more. Deploy new audio in real time or schedule it to go live at a specific point in time.

Actionable Metrics


Through our intuitive dashboard, see which messages and songs are connecting with your audience. Continuously refine your audio mix over time for optimal results.