For Callers

We recognize that each customer is different and help keep callers happy and engaged by putting them in control of what they hear and delivering an experience they’ve never had before.


Instead of playing generic, non-professional voice-overs and music/media when customers call, CallQX personalizes the experience by using relevant customer data, personal choice to tailor messaging, and professional voice actors to greet and guide callers.

Callers get control while waiting in queue with music choices, the skip-a-song feature and personalized messages. It’s like their own private Pandora or Spotify!

Great Music Content

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No more boring elevator music. We provide callers with fully licensed, high-quality content curated directly from music industry experts.

Brand-Consistent Voices


Front-end your application with a professional voice actor who fits your brand and connects with your customers.

Improved Audio Quality


We optimize each station’s stream for the telecommunications medium to ensure that callers
have the best listening experience possible.