For Call Center Managers

Call center managers use the CallQX dashboard to review extensive analytics with real-time data. With a 30-day pilot, they get a verifiable ROI. And by continuing to refine playlists and messages, call center metrics improve over time.

Boost Business Metrics


Less caller frustration means a better bottom line. Happier customers equate to better retention, increased loyalty and easier call resolution.

Easy, No-Hassle Install and Management

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We manage all of the scripting and prompt direction. Our team monitors each station’s individual stream to make sure callers have proper functionality.

Delivering a True ROI

Through increased control, variety, and quality, CallQX makes marked changes to the metrics driving customer satisfaction and contact center effectiveness.

Reduced Abandon Rate


Fewer callers hang up when presented with CallQX, resulting in more issues being resolved on that call and more customers kept.

Increased Patience


With CallQX, callers are willing to wait longer for live-agent service, which has a direct effect on your staffing levels.

More First-Call Resolutions


When callers are willing to wait and resolve their issue, call volumes are lowered and satisfaction is increased.

Reduced Customer Churn


Can on-hold really turn callers away for good? Absolutely. Save more customer relationships through CallQX’s control and personalization.

Increased Agent Retention


When your callers are happy, your agents are happy. CallQX lowers caller stress and anger, making interactions smoother and more pleasant for your agents.

Improved CSAT/NPS Scores


Elevate the standing of your contact center and overall customer service. We provide the resources your need to make marked improvements on customer surveys.