Joint Venture Delivers Fully-Customized Caller Experiences Featuring Popular Music, Professionally-Recorded Voice Prompts, and Control for Callers and Contact Centers

ALPHARETTA, GA (October 4, 2018) – CallQX, a software development company specializing in customer experience solutions for telephony applications, today announced the launch of its in-queue, Cloud-based music and messaging platform of the same name. The CallQX solution allows callers to choose their preferred, fully-licensed music as they wait for live-agent service and enables brands and contact centers to serve customized on-hold messaging that references unique customer information. The result of a recent joint venture between GM Voices, the world’s largest producer of professionally-recorded voice prompts for technology applications, and Holdyr, a California-based technology corporation, CallQX delivers a marked customer experience improvement that lowers caller frustration and agent burnout and helps contact center managers appropriately manage their service and staffing levels.

Compatible with most major IVR and PBX platforms, CallQX empowers callers with new levels of personalization and control. Once informed of their wait period, callers select a music genre of their choice (pop, rock, country, jazz, many more), and are placed in a call queue while they listen to engaging songs licensed from top labels, all of which are specially curated and tested to sound great over the phone.

Additional functionality enables callers to skip songs, return to the menu to choose a different music option, and even get more information about the streaming artist/song. All of this is important functionality to the average U.S. caller who spends 43 days of their life on hold, according to a 2016 Marchex analysis.

From CallQX’s easy-to-use dashboard, contact center managers and marketers see how their playlists and messages are resonating with callers. With total visibility to important performance metrics, managers sharpen their programming over time, ensuring a compounding ROI month after month. New audio can be uploaded and integrated in real time, and the portal allows users to place and receive orders for professionally-recorded voice messages—useful for new promotions, emergency messaging, and holiday closings.

“GM Voices has always taken an active role in helping companies develop a voice persona and customer experience that reflects their unique image and audience,” said Marcus Graham, Founder and CEO of GM Voices. “While so much attention is given to CX, we realized the marketplace needed a better way to address the in-queue experience—or what we’re calling QX. We’re confident that this level of branding and personalization will be well received by callers and companies alike.”

“Early on, Holdyr saw the clear need for a comprehensive caller experience that included exceptional in-queue interactions,” said Jim Britt, Founder of Holdyr and CTO of CallQX. “GM Voices has been a leader in the IVR space for decades, and we believe their strength coupled with our innovations is exactly what contact centers need to perfect that experience.”

“With so many advances in contact center technologies over the past decade or so, on-hold has really been the last ‘analog’ remnant of an otherwise forward-looking industry,” said Darrell Hensley, CEO of CallQX. “We believe streaming and personalization will be the in-queue standard within two years, and just like microwaves or garage door openers, companies will soon look back and wonder how their contact centers ever went without this solution.”

For more information about CallQX, including user benefit cases, explainer videos, and several typical ROI scenarios, visit To sample a CallQX in-queue experience, featuring multiple music choices and personalized in-queue messaging, call 770-752-2925 and follow the menu prompts.

About CallQX

CallQX is an innovative in-queue music and messaging platform that helps contact centers deliver a superior customer experience by giving control of the wait period to callers. From their smartphone, callers choose their preferred music genre, and are then presented with an in-queue experience that includes licensed songs from artists mixed with personalized hold messages. Companies control their music selection, playlists, and messaging from an easy-to-use online dashboard. For more information, visit


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